E&C History Part 4

Part 4…After Elephant & Castle

When we learned the end of London tobaccos was coming, not just for us, but for all, we stockpiled as much E&C as we could afford. The tobacco tax folks in New York were happy as we had to pony up 20% all of it, but we seemed set - for a while.
We made the decision not to continue the E&C line with the new manufacturer. Most other brands continued production and had several difficult years as smokers complained the tobaccos were, "different".
This is actually the reason why we stopped producing E&C: we knew the tobaccos would be different. Not saying worse, not saying better, just different.
More than a decade later, the former McConnell made brands once again enjoy excellent reputations, and loyal smokers as they did when they were London made.
We advised our dealers we had a finite amount of E&C, after which there would be no more, but in reality there was no way to prepare. When it was gone, it was gone and one day…it was gone. Sigh.
We received many letters - the company address was on the back of the tin - lamenting E&C's passing, or asking where they could buy it if we didn't have it, or how they could blend it themselves, or something similar. We understood. Still do. Thank you.

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