E&C History Part 1

Part 1…Why Elephant & Castle?

Once upon a time…visitors to a tobacco shop would be greeted by dozens, even a hundred or more colorful and interesting tobacco tins lining the shelves.
English, or more specifically London made tobaccos were the envy of the tobacco trade. Firms like McConnell's, Dunhill, Dobies, and Astleys made a wide range of high quality smoking mixtures which were sold throughout the world.
London's dominance was so strong American tobacco companies, in spite of abundant and inexpensive quality tobacco, produced blends like Carter Hall, Bond Street and Walnut while London firms made Nightcap, Balkan Sobranie and Three Nuns.
Herman Lane of Lane Ltd, a visionary in the pipe and tobacco world, challenged London with Crown Achievement a high quality mixture. It was never viewed as more than an expensive London "wannabe," though it was certainly a worthy contender. Interestingly, Mr. Lane ultimately reversed his direction and stopped competing with the London manufacturers. He created Capt. Black - an aromatic - - which has been the most successful pipe tobacco in history.
The E&C project had its beginnings after Ken McConnell lamented the number and types of tobacco no longer produced by his and other tobacco manufacturers.
Ken was acutely aware that fewer and fewer manufacturers were working in London, and many had been consolidated by larger manufacturers outside of England proper within Great Britian.

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