A Hawkbill - shown in the L1 smooth walnut finish.XX


 The Hawkbill News  An assortment of Hawkbill pipes

As of May 26, 2004 the following Hawkbills are in stock:

13 Rustic
2 Sandblast
1 Shelby-Quaint
2 Walnut Smooth with Silver band

If interested in acquiring one of these great pipes, have your preferred dealer contact us or contact us yourself and we can arrange for a dealer to assist you with your selection.

Note: the photo to the right is
of an earlier assortment.

The Hawkbill is among the most interesting and of handmade shapes. In the late 1970's, while traveling in Italy, we saw Castello's version. We aren't sure of the Hawkbill's origin, but this was the first time we'd seen of the shape.
In the Summer of 2000 we received several Hawkbills - the first in almost 20 years as importer of Ser Jacopo. The Hawkbill's popularity is at its zenith, and all sold within days, prompting calls to the workshop for reinforcements.
It took almost a year, but our patience was rewarded. The Ser Jacopo Hawkbill has a beautiful apple shaped bowl with the characteristic, "reverse curve" shank. Most curved Ser Jacopo pipes are bored internally with a flexible drilling machine and the Hawkbill is no different. This meant re-learning the procedure, only in reverse!
Ser Jacopo's Hawkbill tends to be larger than most in part due to their ability to following the reverse curve of the shank while drilling the draft hole. Other Hawkbills artfully create the illusion that the shank has been drilled following the curve, however, they are actually drilled - and often double drilled - with a conventional straight bit.
When boring the draft of a Hawkbill with a straight drill bit, the pipes tend to be small in size, because increasing the length and therefore the curve of the shank would make it impossible to drill and still enter the tobacco chamber at its bottom. Ser Jacopo solves this problem of geometry by following the curve of the shank when drilling the draft hole.

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