Is this the Most Expensive Pipe
- - - Ever?

Ser Jacopo Gem Series Diamond/Brillante MaxMaxMaxMax


 This is one of the most spectacular pipes we've ever seen.
That is actually an understatement!
To begin with it is immense. A quadruple (4X) Maxima - a designation that is virtually
unknown - with massive quantities of straight grain encircling the bowl.
As stunning as the straight grain is - the natural plateaux on top is perhaps even more so!
Densely packed "eyes " at the top of the bowl are matched by exquisite and tightly packed
birds-eye at the bottom of the bowl.
The pipe is tastefully appointed with an 18k gold band, and the trademark genuine
diamond set in an 18k gold setting mounted in the stem.

This pipe HAS been sold and is NOT available.

We are trying to determine whether this is the most expensive pipe ever sold.
Should you have information regarding a spectacular and expensive pipe,
please contact us (try the HumanClick button below), so we can factor your
information into the determination.

Within the next few weeks, we'll let you know what we've discovered, and will
reveal the price and full story regarding this magnificent Ser Jacopo.

Well judging from the responses we've received, we feel fairly confident that we can
remove the question mark at the top of this page.

This magnificent Ser Jacopo sold for $9,950.00.

That's $50. short of 10 Grand!
Keep in mind, this isn't a case of putting an extremely high price on
the pipe and calling it the most expensive, because this pipe is sold!

A well respected retailer selected this pipe at the RTDA show in San Antonio, Texas
in August of 2000. He wasn't the first retailer to see it, but was the first to act.
He told us he contacted one his customer and did his best to describe this spectacular briar.
During the conversation the customer asked whether the pipe had 360° grain
which it certainly does.
Another retailer, who had seen this magnificent pipe commented,
"That this pipe had 400° of straight grain!"

Many thanks to our friend Jim Lawson for providing the photos used here.

Photo ref: TPBBA


  This is a portion of the nomenclature found on this pipe.
The stamping of 03/2000 indicates this was the third Gem Series Diamond
made in the year 2000.
The 4 x Maxima stamping indicates that it is very large.
How large - think grapefruit bordering on canteloupe.
"Fiammate" indicates it is a straight grain.
"Per Aspera ad Astra" is the Ser Jacopo motto and is found stamped on
all Ser Jacopo pipes.
Gracefully translated from Latin it means, "Success through hard work".
This Latin phrase was also the original motto of NASA. They translated it to
mean, "To the stars through travails."
One can also find the phrase in the coat of arms on a pack
of Pall Mall cigarettes, though we aren't sure how they make the translation.

Photo ref: TPBBC

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