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 Marble Arch is proud to be an Associate Member of the TAA
(Tobacconists' Association of America).
Among its several objectives is the publishing of an annual catalog showcasing a wide variety of quality items which can be purchased at TAA member stores.

For the first time, this year's TAA catalog features all three of our handmade brands:

Viprati Pipes

Ser Jacopo Pipes

Gepetto Pipes
There are Coupons in this year's catalog for special pricing on three of our featured pipes.
To obtain a copy of the current catalog or to find a convenient TAA member store use this link:
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Our pipe pages from the past several years TAA catalogs are reproduced below.
Click on the photo to read the text and view the pipe photos in greater detail
Please note: Some of the suggested retail prices have changed over the years.

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