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Rotator Pouch

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 Those of you with a few gray hairs, and younger smokers who have done their pipe related research (I'm with the former group),
know about "rotator" tobacco pouches. This is a "roll-up" style pouch in which the first tobacco placed into it is the first tobacco used
thus the name Rotator. In a conventional pouch, new tobacco is put on top of old, and you have a - first in, last out - situation.
The Rotator fixes that problem so the first tobacco in - is the first tobacco smoked. Ser Jacopo makes a gorgeous "Rotator"
style pouch of "to die for" leather. It's available in black, brown, burgundy and camel, and is lined with surgical rubber
so there's no cracking vinyl or plastic. This is the best tobacco pouch - period.

Hopefully the photo3 above give a fairly good idea of the Rotator principle. There is a sleeve lined with surgical rubber which runs the
back side of the pouch. Tobacco placed into the sleeve empties into the bottom of the pouch, but right behind any tobacco previously placed in the pouch. Tobacco is taken in the same manner as a conventional roll-up style pouch. Another positive aspect of the Rotator
is that it holds more tobacco than a conventional roll-up. Just another reason why we say: This is the best tobacco pouch - period.

Suggested retail price: $150. USD

If you are interested in purchasing a Ser Jacopo "Rotator" pouch, and your preferred dealer does not have them in stock,
please contact Marble Arch for assistance in making your purchase.

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