Vincent Van Gogh

Homage to Vincent van Gogh

The original “Picta” collection pays homage to the greatness of Vincent van Gogh. Handmade in limited quantities, these unique pipes were inspired by the many Van Gogh paintings and drawings which feature pipes and pipe smokers.

A second Picta Collection, inspired by the paintings of Belgian Surrealist Renè Magritte, was introduced during the Summer of 2001.


Picta Nº
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Picta Nº
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Picta Nº
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Picta Nº
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Picta 01

Picta 02

 Picta 03

Picta 04

Picta 05

Picta 06

Picta 07

Picta 08

Picta 09

Picta 10

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Picta 14

Picta 15

Picta 16

There are sixteen (16) shapes in the "Van Gogh Picta" collection. To view the available finishes, click here.
Each Picta is meticulously hand made, with the attention to detail which has made Ser Jacopo famous .
Click on the photos for a larger view of the "Picta" pipes with their associated Van Gogh drawing or paintings.

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