Gepetto Pipes

Once upon a time there was an old wood carver called Gepetto.
He had much imagination and a great love for his work…
One day a friend gave him a lovely piece of wood knowing it would please the wood carver.
Gepetto took this old block of wood, and decided to carve a marionette to help him feel less lonely.
He worked hard at the block, and in the end created a marionette who, with a little magic,
came to life with the help of a little magic, becoming Gepetto's life long companion.
…and what if Gepetto had decided to make a pipe out of that old block?

Handmade by Ser JacopoXX


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 Shape 01


  Shape 02


  Shape 03


  Shape 04


  Shape 05


  Shape 06


  Shape 07


  Shape 08


  Shape 09


  Shape 10


  Shape 11


  Shape 12


  Shape 13


  Shape 14


  Shape 15

The new Gepetto.

  • Superb high grade pipes at an economical price.
  • 15 shapes…some classic…some innovative.
  • Four appealing finishes with a rugged hand carved bowls.
  • Click to find out what makes a Gepetto pipe different from a Ser Jacopo.


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