A Ser Jacopo
Factory Tour

The Ser Jacopo factory is a few minutes walk from the town center (Piazza Rossini - of course!). In actuality it's not a factory, which would make one think it's large, but rather a workshop. The current workshop is the same building where Giancarlo founded Mastro da Paja some thirty years ago. They've made some changes - a drying loft for the briar, extended the rear section and added a high capacity vacuum system. However, other than the years when Mastro moved outside of Pesaro, Giancarlo has done all his great pipe making and designing within these walls.
The photos in this section should give an idea of what the "factory" looks like, with a peek at a few of the operations and operators. We hope to add a number of new photos with more views in the near future.









While the early history of briar smoking pipe production in Italy was dominated by companies like Fratelli Rossi in the north, the last thirty years have seen the balance of power shift to the country's center.
Rome you say? No…Pesaro!

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