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The Pipe of the Year

Conceived in 1996, the "Domina" is Ser Jacopo's pipe of the year.
As with all their pipes, each is meticulously crafted from the highest quality Extra-Extra Plateaux briar.
The Domina for each year is limited to an incredibly small 333 pieces - worldwide!
These pipes sell out. Contact your Dealer or Marble Arch to inquire about availability of Domina series pipes.

Domina 2004

 Domina 2003

Domina 2002

 Domina 2001


  Domina 2000


 Domina 1999


Domina 1998

 Domina 1997

 Domina 1996

A single new shape made each year which are available in the following finishes:

Domina pipes come in a distinctive and beautiful presentation units, which, like the pipes is different each year. Click here to see a view of the presentation packaging for the current 2001 Domina.
Note #1: A few pieces of the Domina 2000 and Millenium Kalabash are still available as of this update (10/05/01). If interested please contact your dealer or Marble Arch.
Note #2: Click here to see two Domina 1997, which were thought to have been sold out.
These two pipes are now sold, and we are now secure in saying the 1997 Domina is sold out!

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