Ser Jacopo's
Compta Pipes

Classical Perfection XXXX

"The most difficult series I've ever produced," is how Giancarlo Guidi described the Compta Series, which was introduced in 1997.

A highly respected pipe maker once stated he could train a monkey to make a freehand, but it would take a craftsman to make a billiard. It's a great line, and more true than not. Each classical shape is already well defined, and therefore create the most problems for pipe makers. This is why the classic shapes have been the "meat and potatos" of industrial machine manufacturers. They create a template and get the same shape each time. Certain drawbacks are inevitable in machine turning. First, blocks prepared for machine phrasing are small to fit the chucks which hold the blocks. Additionally, the quality of the briar is much lower, and dramatically less expensive than the XX Plateaux which Ser Jacopo and most other artigiani use.

The Ser Jacopo Compta Series










All Compta series pipes have some type of silver or 18K gold bands.
Available in the classic finishes of the Ser Jacopo pipe range with the exception of the Rowlette.
Production is limited. Consult your dealer or Marble Arch, Ltd., for availability of Compta pipes.

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