Ser Jacopo's
Calumet Pipes

Homage to the Americas

The Calumets are among the lesser known of Ser Jacopo's special series. Unlike the broader Van Gogh Picta and La Pipaccia series with16 shapes each, or the new Picta Magritte series with 20 models, the Calumet has but two shapes, highly different from each other, or anything else for that matter..
It wasn't Giancarlo's intention to make a briar "peace pipe". That would have been easy enough, but as he'd studied intensively about Native Americans, it was Giancarlo's wish for these pipes to be an extension of the closeness he has come to feel for their culture and history. Calumet series pipes are made in very limited numbers.
Each is mounted with limited run silver bands using the micro-fusion method introduced in the Domina series. The unique shapes and special bands make the two Calumet pipes among the most compelling of Ser Jacopo's briars.

The Calumet series pipes are available in the following finishes:

The Calumet series pipes are boxed is a specially designed leather presentation box maintaining the Native American theme of this series. A leather box of similar construction, but without the Native American accents, has been used as the Domina 2001 presentation box.
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